A History of Bringing Unbiased Expertise and Technology to Organizations Worldwide

BridgeView Partners was founded to fulfill a void in the information technology industry. As experienced IT professionals, we saw a need to assist IT decision makers with the many challenging and often conflicting decisions that come with technology, business alignment, fiscal responsibility and high performance demands. Our vision is to provide decision makers with experienced, specialized, vendor neutral guidance to assist in making sound business decisions regarding IT infrastructure investments and expenditures. We seek to empower our clients with informed decision criteria that facilitate effective business partnerships and high value solutions.


We seek to bring best-in-class skills to develop best-in-class solutions. We have clearly defined what we are good at and seek business in this space. We are not looking to be all things to all clients; we are Infrastructure specialists. Each team member brings a broad understanding of Infrastructure as well as deep knowledge in one or more of our specialties.



We bring years of experience in managing Infrastructure environments. We see value in the wisdom that evolves from experience, in learning what works and what doesn’t. We bring this experience to help you make the best business decisions.


BridgeView provides a non-biased view of the options in the marketplace for your consideration. We are focused on the trends, trade-offs, technology and results of Infrastructure solutions.


We deliver our projects with professionalism and integrity. We seek to foster credible advisory client relationships. Our projects are focused and specific with clear start and end points. We are not seeking to embed ourselves long term in your organization, instead we pursue a long-term role as external adviser.