FIT Check Finds the Gaps in Your Information Technology

Develop a clear path to success with a FIT Check roadmap.

Your IT Infrastructure is critical for the delivery of business services.  Through our proven FIT Check™ methodology we evaluate a company’s IT Infrastructure as it compares to its peers in the industry.  The methodology takes a structured approach evaluating an organization’s financial and operational performance, efficiency, and practices to uncover the cost-per-IT service rendered.  FIT Check highlights the infrastructure areas with the greatest opportunity for savings, optimization and impact to an organization.

Road Map to World-Class Infrastructure

The results of our FIT Check are practical and actionable and provide you with a road-map to delivering best-in-class IT Infrastructure services.  This includes measurable goals that include cost-savings, improved performance and more control of the environment.

FIT Check is structured to support three tiers aligned to differing levels of client decision making and business impact.

Business / IT Alignment

This is designed specifically for guiding a CTO, VP of IT Infrastructure, CIO or CFO.  Our interview methodology leverages specialists and a codified set of questions and analyses based on the size of the company and the desired business goals.  These questions range from cost and performance metrics, process maturity, and industry benchmarks to provide you with a clear understanding of how your Infrastructure compares to your peers.  This analysis highlights the priorities for driving your IT infrastructure decision making.

IT Service Roadmap

This is designed specifically for the departmental heads within IT Infrastructure.  Our expertise drives to a deep level of understanding to a specific IT Infrastructure discipline.  The methodology garners the specific data necessary to design a best-in-class solution that optimizes cost, performance and operational efficiency.  We work hand-in-hand with your in house specialists to understand your environment and identify the best solution.  We consider people, process and technology for the future state solution, ensuring a holistic design.   The results are a specific roadmap derived collaboratively for achieving the desired business outcomes.

IT Service Optimization

This service delivers an optimized infrastructure based on the roadmap of priorities.  This is primarily delivered with our tight network of specialty partners for a best-in-class technical solution.  Bridgeview Partners is accountable and provides advisory, program leadership and oversight during the implementation.  Our focus is to ensure you realize the targeted results defined in the roadmap.  Periodic, scheduled service reviews ensure our long term commitment to your success.